• Tuesday June 12th
    Day 1
  • Wednesday June 13th
    Day 2
  • Reconstructive Surgery Pre Congress Courses
13.30 – 15.30 IMPLANT BASED IBR – Chairmen: Nicolas Leymarie; Yoav Barnea
  • DTi and 2 Stage: reasons for choosing. – Roy de Vita; Kamakshi Zeidler
  • Technical tips for using TE avoiding complications. – Peter Cordeiro; Secondo Folli
  • DTi with ADM. – Yoav Barnea; Michael Scheflan
  • Synthetic meshes in DTi or with a TE. – Stefano Pompei; Roy de Vita
  • Realistic role of “DTA”: direct to autologous – Eric Santamaria; Jaume Masià, Rieka Taghizadeh

Coffee Break

16.00 – 18.00 THE BCT AND THE IMMEDIATE BREAST RESHAPING – Chairmen: Eric Santamaria; Kamakshi Zeidler
  • The oncological “range of action” of BCT: our actual orientation. – Secondo Folli; Maurizio Nava
  • The “Extreme Oncoplasty” approach. Will it reduce the number of mastectomies? – Roy de Vita; Nicolas Leymarie
  • Different glandular flaps for different quadrant resections – Yoav Barnea; Benjamin Sarfati
  • Perforator flaps in BCT: Are they a feasible alternative? – Jaume Masià; Eric Santamaria
  • Use and the oncological implications of Fat Grafting in BCT – Alexandre Mendonça Munhoz; Stefano Pompei

18.00 – 19.00 VIDEOCONFERENCE SESSION – Direct from the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York – Chairman: Peter Cordeiro
    • Current trends in Breast Reconstruction – Evan Matros
    • Realistic role of ‘non-abdominal’ free flaps in breast reconstruction – Robert Allen Junior
    • State of the art of breast cancer surgery – Virgilio Sacchini

  • Aesthetic Surgery Pre Congress Courses
08.00 – 10.00 PRIMARY BREAST AUGMENTATION – Chairmen: Luiz Fernando Frascino; Stefano Pompei
  • Practical guidelines in breast marking: valid opinions – José Luis Martín Del Yerro Coca; Ernst Magnus Noah
  • The choice of the implant shape and the plane: some concepts – Charles Randquist; Patrick Mallucci
  • Fat grafting and primary breast augmentation: If and how one uses it – Yoav Barnea; Roy de Vita
  • BA in asymmetric and/or tuberous breasts: How one manages it – Ricardo Marujo; MaurizioNava
  • Typical errors and complications in breast augmentation: one way of preventing them – William P. Adams; Eyal Gur

10.30 – 12.40 MASTOPEXY WITH AND WITHOUT IMPLANTS – Chairmen: Roy de Vita; Ricardo Marujo
  • Different breasts, different approaches, different scars: Personal ideas – José Luis Martín Del Yerro Coca; Charles Randquist
  • The pedicles for the NAC and for breast reshaping: valid preferences – Luiz Fernando Frascino; Ernst Magnus Noah
  • How to maintain the upper pole definition: some ways – William P. Adams; Eyal Gur
  • Massive weight loss and the mastopexy: How one tries to manage it – Stefano Pompei; Luiz Fernando Frascino
  • ADM and Synthetic Meshes in revisional augmentation/mastopexy – Kamakshi Zeidler; Patrick Mallucci; Ernst Magnus Noah